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Utilizing integral concepts for self-transformation through:
Personal and Integrative Therapy
Attention Mindfulness Training

Our Mission

Our programs are designed for people who are interested in advancing their life quality, particularly when challenged by      anxiety, depression, reactive stress, addictions, self-defeating thoughts, actions, or self-questioning.  Our therapeutic approach is a synthesis of neurological research and cognitive behavioral analysis informed by meditation skill sets for personal integration.

What is Integral Counseling?

Integral counseling recognizes the complexity of who we are and who we believe or desire ourselves to be. It recognizes the interplay of our interior lives: what we perceive, think, and feel with the exterior context of our lives: family, community, and social patterns. Most challenges to living fully with a robust sense of satisfaction arise as conflict within or between these areas. Integral Counseling energizes personal growth and healing through inquiry, insight, and integration.

Your goal may be to increase your satisfaction in experiencing the adventure of life. Your interest may also be in exploring new facets of communication, relationship, or expanding identity through new skills and deep inquiry. You may also be experiencing challenges of anxiety, depression, reactive stress, addictions, self-defeating thoughts & actions, or self-questioning. Integral counseling joins with these goals by combining careful, compassionate listening, thoughtful inquiry, current neurological research, and meditation skill sets for personal, creative discovery. And importantly, the transformation of life's perspective, action, and attitude through the integration of insight.


i n t e g r a l  c o u n s e l i n g  i n s t i t u t e
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