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              December 2004 Book Review and Quotes Archive

                        Nature Loves To Hide: Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality

                                                                   A Western Perspective

                                                                        By Shimon Malin

                                             Published by Oxford University Press, 2001

                                                                      ISBN 0-19-513894-5 


I met Shimon Malin at the Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson; an elderly man with a cane. 

He gave a talk on the philosopher Whitehead—using neither PowerPoint, computer graphics, not even an overhead

projector.  Rather he read a 10 page typed paper.  It was one of the best papers at the conference.


So when his book came out, I read it immediately—the first time.  Now, having read it a number of times, it remains

one of the best works available on consciousness and its relation to quantum physics.  It is not another simplistic New

Age collection of platitudes.   Rather it is deep and profound exploration of the nature of reality.


Malin uses three conceptual frameworks: quantum mechanics, Whitehead’s philosophy and the Neoplatontism of Plotinus.

By constantly interweaving themes from each framework, he challenges each to a more comprehensive and inclusive view

of reality.


Because the ideas are often subtle and not easily graspable on first reading, he uses an effective technique to aid the reader

in grasping difficult ideas.   He periodically shifts to an imaginary dialogue between the author and two astronauts—Peter

(psychology major) and Julie who provide experiential examples of concepts in physics and who ask questions to grasp the

elusive philosophical ideas.


This work provides a basis for a modern spirituality—one that is fully compatible with science, philosophy and mysticism.

(Reviewed 12/04 -- John Parker)



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