i n t e g r a l  c o u n s e l i n g  i n s t i t u t e

e n e r g i z i n g    t r a n s f o r m a t i o n    t h r o u g h    i n q u i r y ,   i n s i g h t ,   a n d    i n t e g r a t i o n

Links Page


Alan Wallace Online
Center for Integral Science
Center for Sacred Sciences

Christian de Quincey Homepage

Consiousness, Paper on (David Chalmers)

Council for Secular Humanism
Daniel Amen

Dynamical Psychology


Franklin-Merrell Wolff Fellowship
Institute of Noetic Sciences

Integral Inquiry
Ken Wilber Online
Mind & Life Institute


Peter Russell
Psyche - An International Journal of Research
Science & Consiousness Review

Science & Spirit Magazine

Scientific & Medical Network
The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
The Great Space Center

The World of Ken Wilbur

What Is Enlightenment Magazine


Contemplative Net Project
Meditation in Action (Shinzen Young)
The Headless Way

Vipassana Meditation


Don Miguel Ruiz
Enlightenment Central
Michael Harner
Noduality Salon
The Wei Wu Wei Archives


These are sites

that have informed

 and inspired us.

 Some represent

an enormous contribution to the understanding of consciousness,

self, spirituality,

and meaning

made by individuals whose wisdom,

work, and research has deeply

influenced our lives and for whom

we are deeply